Pomorie is town in Bulgaria, region Burgas, in the coast of Black sea. Located on a peninsula, jutting into the sea about 5 km. The town is perfect for rest for families with small children because of its convenient location (10 minutes drive from Burgas airport), a wide selection (rich choice) of private rooms at normal prices and flat seabed (bottom).
The ancient name of the city is Anchialo originated in the V century BC as a Greek colony. In 1934 the town name was changed to Pomorie. Since ancient times in the city and surrounding area is mined salt - the largest production in the Balkans. Also, the city is known for wineries and cognac "Black Gold". In honor of St. George was built monastery.
The Salt Museum in Pomorie is only one in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe and is specialized in the production of salt by evaporation of sea water from the sun. It is an ancien technology. Visitors can see all technological operations and feel the authentic atmosphere of the past.
Pomorie salt lake is a protected Ornithological area in which migratory birds Via Pontica" pass. From Lake is derived curative (healing) mud - one of the best in the world. Mud and rehabilitation facilities make Pomorie year-round resort.
Ancient tomb dating from the late 3rd century or early 4th century AD. In this place there is also the necropolis (city of the dead). It is a national monument of culture.
In the central part of the city has a temple built in 1891 in honor of the Holy Trinity, and in memory of Mary. In Pomorie Orthodox Christians celebrate the Virgin Mary on September 8.
Monastery "St. George" is in the new part of Pomorie. He is the only functioning men monastery on the Black Sea coast. Feast of the monastery May 6 - St. George is also the holiday of the town.
Today Pomorie has established it as a wine center and its products receive annual prestigious awards from national and international exhibitions. Feast "Sea of ​​Wine" gives a characteristic emotional tone for a pleasant holiday mood.
Emblematic for the town "Yavorovi Days" - a national literary tradition with a half century history, including poetry performances, exhibitions, literary contest ,recitals.
This city has been approved as a tourist center and its authoritative presence in the tourist bazaar give assurance that future tourism will be the fastest growing branch in the region iconomic structure.